Thursday, 21 February 2008

Whats the deal!

A very interesting and shocking fact about most movies and TV programmes! I've always envied all those fab bags on screen! But the shocking is they are fake!!! OMG! Most of the ones you see are. I know it crazy right!?
In this scene in mean girls, at the mall, Regina is holding a fake Louis vuitton Cherry Blossom Pochette!

Also Cady is seen holding a Louis Vuitton multicolour pochette later on in the film FAKE! infact all the bags are fake. I have also seen a fake LV in the OC, carried by summer. But strangely enough marissa's chanel bags are real, as chanel gave them to her! I think the only TV programme known for not using fakes is SATC. Yay them!

I'm a huge hater on fakes, i think it disgustingly wrong. I don't get why people support this huge industry, it has been proven to support terrorism. I get that most people can't afford designer purses, neither can i! On my allowance it doesnt exactly cover a LV budget, but i either save and use christmas or birthday money to buy a designer item. But the fact is that i have plenty of cute purses which aren't designer and i love just as much my LV alma.
People who buy fakes, karma is going to come along and bite you on the ass!

couture gal xxx


Fake Lover ;P said...

just because u don't have other life responsibilities thus saving your allowance and just because your stinking rich daddy gives u lotsa $$ for your b-day or xmas doesn't mean others can afford expensive LV bags! Get a life, HATER! ;P

Nico said...

She's not saying "because you can't afford it, you don't deserve it."

She's simply saying that buying illegally made and illegally sold fakes supports a lot of other illegal activities. It is very possible that those fake designer bags you purchased could be hurting others.

I personally could never buy a counterfeit because it is insulting to the designer, and unfair to the companies.

For example, when you buy a fake Chanel, everyone from Karl Lagerfield to the sketchers to the leather trimmers don't get the money they deserve for that design.

On top of that, what does buying a fake say to other people? It says "I don't have the money to buy a real designer bag, so I buy a fake one and try to fool others into thinking I AM rich enough." To me, a fake bag says that you are insecure and desperate. If a woman confidently carries a Liz Claiborne, she will still look fantastic compared to a girl carrying a fake Louis Vuitton.