Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Fun fact!

When you think of the 60's, you think mini's, twiggy right!? wrong that style was fashionable until the late 60's. The 60's fashion was very much still belonging to the late fifties. The straight shift was very popular, which had developed from the 1957 sack dress, was still well below the knee.

Monday, 28 January 2008

2008 Screen Actors Guild awards- prettys and the uglys!

The Pretty's!

Amanda bynes is looking fabulous in a teal strapless dress with pretty embellishment. The Ugly Betty Gals, I know you guys are thinking what! I think Vanessa Williams in the Yellow really flatters and makes her skin glow and seemed a fresh choice, whereas American Ferrara looked stunning in a understated grey dress with detailed shoulder strap. Ashley Tisdale looks flawless in a embellished white gown with a simple Chanel bag. Marcia Cross i think is my favourite look, the simple cut and design brought out with an amazing teal colour with shell embellishment in the middle of the chest. Terry Hatcher looks fabulous in a cream and grey dress which reminds me alot of the Roberto Cavalli Vase dress.


Some of the dresses were absolutely gross!! Becki Newton wore a white ill fitting dress which was just ugly! Eurgh Can't even explain ellen pompeo's dress!!! its like foil gone wrong! Debra Messing dress is ok, it could have been fabulous if she had lost the wierd neck thing! And Cate Blanchett and Angelina Jolie! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Sneak Peak

Here a peak at my style, casual yet cute!

Lazin it up!

Hey Guys, havent been blogging for a week as ive been snowed under with homework Boo!!! I have also lost my blogging mojo! but thanks to my readers for clicking on my ads! Trying to get a bit more money to go towards my Louis Vuitton fund Woohoo!

Anyway on to my topic, i don't know about you but as soon as i come home from school, i rush straight into my sweats !! All fashion goes out the window, while im doing homework or lazing about at home. But you dont have to look like a complete fashion Uh uh! For comfy yet stylish, look at juicy couture or for more affordable prices go to Victoria Secret!! Try to match the colours or with contrasting colors for a cuter look. There's no excuse to looking bad when being comfy!

Monday, 21 January 2008

Street style


Paris when it sizzles!

Paris when it sizzles is a fabulous film! It stars Audrey Hepburn and William Holden and was filmed in 1964. The film is set in Paris during the Bastille weekend, Where Richard Benson, a famous film writer has been staying in this fabulous apartment and parting all around europe and going on holidays instead of writing "the girl who stole the Eiffel tower" and he has a deadline of Monday morning at 10am. Gabby arrives to type the script up and finds that he has not written one word or even thought about it! The film shows them writing the script and you also get to watch the movie they are writing at the same time. Also during the three days they begin to fall in love.
Gabby in the film has amazing style, with elegance and fun colours
Here is gabby with Richelieu, her bird
Arent the dresses fab!

I really do reccomend this to any chickflick or audrey hepburn lover!

The Blah Month

Everyone i know, feels bleugh at the moment. Whether its fashion or make up or your in a slump, the January blahs are here!
Here are some tips to get rid of the blahs!
Paint your nails your favourite colour.
Be inspired and get a new fabulous hair cut or dye or even a trim will give your hair a boost.
Find a new perfume or make up item.
Read your favourite book again.
Use a face Mask.
Play some funky cheesy music and dance!
Brighten up your desk or where you do your work with some flowers and some funky accessories.
Make a yummy treat
Invite your friends over for a girly sleepover


Sorry havent updated for ages!!! The doc suspects my appendix is rumbling or ive got a virus that i cant fight off. Im all better now but fingers crossed its just a virus! I've been snowed under with Homework, being ill! Should go back to normal but ive kinda lost my blog mojo. I will try my best lol!

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

fave lipglosses

And here are my two fave lip glosses

Mac prrr is such a pretty colour

Dior reflect in i think 377

Sorry for the bad quality pics

What do you want?

As i'm just a starting out blog writer, i want to get your opinions and what u want to see more of?

Saturday, 12 January 2008

LOST !! its time to have a party

" what comes before part b?" PART A!! ( if u don't get the joke say it out allowed lol!)

Guess whats coming soon, LOST!! yay. US people its coming to you 31st Jan and UK people 3rd Feb.
LOST is the best TV programme ever, and has had me hooked since season 1. Each year my friends and I have a LOST party. I invite all my LOST obsessed friends and we watch the 1st episode of the season together and have lost themed food and decorations!!

Time to start planning now i think!

Here are some fun things to do

  1. Make invites that are oceanic boarding passes, easy to do on the computer or by hand!

  2. Print of Apollo labels and stick them on chocolate bars!

  3. Make cookies in the shape of Fish ( sawyer's fish biscuits!)

  4. if your really making it a big party, get people to dress up as the characters

  5. Print of the dharma logo's and stick them on food and drinks.

  6. If you want to be really savvy, draw a Dharma logo on some butcher paper and attach it to your door, so it looks like you are entering the hatch.

I'm going to be doing, make your own sundaes and nachos too!!!

So start planning LOST fans!!

Friday, 11 January 2008

Newport Harbor

I absolutely loved Laguna Beach series 2. It had drama, giggles, bitchiness, fun and cute fashion most of the time! My favourites were Kristin, Taylor and Casey. Yes, Casey the complete Barbie trash girl, she was fun and sweet and should of had more camera time!

Now onto why i titled my post " Newport Harbor", I think Newport Harbor was a better programme in away. I think it was a little boring and lacked the spark that Laguna had, but i think the way they dressed and acted seemed a little more real and a lot less slutty that the Laguna series.

Newport Harbor showed fun, cheaper and more fashionable clothes than Laguna. The Girls were often seen in Juicy Couture, Pink by VS, AE, betsey Johnson, with a few cheaper designer accesories. The styles were also easier to recreate too.
Newport harbour the holiday series is on on wednesdays at 10:30pm on MTV

You have to laugh at this!

This is Victoria's Marc Jacobs ad! You have got to give it to her, she isnt afraid to laugh at herself!.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

OPI e-romance !

OPI have brought out a new mini collection for Valentines day! Its all got name's linking toward electronics!

Text me-Text you = Clear glitter top coat
Log on to Love= Shimmery candy apple red
Met on the internet= A perfect bright pink

J.crew and you!

I know you U.S gals are all obsessed at the moment over gossip girl and love Serena and Blair or even jenny!
I haven’t seen the programme yet, as it not come over in my country yet! GASP!! I know it's so annoying. But from what I can tell, they all have a j.crew kind of wardrobe and its all preppy but with fashion twist. So from what I have seen or heard about it, here is an outfit that I think is wearable and in a gossip gal style!

All 4 items are pretty and very versatile.
The coat is such a classic and reminds of Breakfast at tiffany’s
The Skirt is pretty and reminds me of strawberry fields!
The Mustard coloured top adds a bit of contrast and makes it all go together
And last but definitely not least, those gorgeous Mary Jane’s!

And if you definitely what the Blair look, add a hairband!

Missed me !

sorry guys for the lack of updates, have been ill. Will be back in the swing of it in a few days so expect lots of posts yay

Friday, 4 January 2008


Apparently we only wear 20% of your wardrobe, 80% of the time! well i know i do, i have some fave items that i wear all the time or have in many diffrent colours.

  1. Plain straight cut jeans in a dark blue wash
  2. Topshop vests/tanks in blues, pinks, and classic colours like black,grey and white.
  3. Juicy!!!!! i have soo many velour or terry pants and hoodies and i know its OMG moment but i wear them all the time haha
  4. Juicy Necklace
  5. Primp tops, so cute and has a kiddie style but with a grown up vibe!
  6. Delias logo tees, i have so many and they have such cute phrases or pics!
  7. Crewneck cardi's in black and pink!
  8. Bally Boots shared with my mom!
  9. UGGS!!!! shameless but oh so comfy.
  10. Ballet pumps in red,pink, black and gold

The rest of my 80% are pretty dresses, skirts, dressy tops and heels!!

Shamelessly stolen from ( fabulous blog, quick click on it!! you will love it !)

Body shop sale!

Like most stores around Xmas and new year, The body shop have a sale. The sale's are always up to 50% off so you can stock up for the year and not have to pay ridiculous prices for body butter and shower gel!!!
The body butters come in different scents with tbs bringing out limited edition Christmas flavours which your guaranteed to find a scent you will love. My favourites are the Vanilla spice and cranberry. The butters always last for ages, and are a bit greasy but moisturise well.
Here are my fave buys for UK and US

Vanilla spice is now only $5 ( sold out in the UK sorry!)
Blueberry is now only $14 or £6
Another great option is their gift boxes!

Shower gels set is only $5 or £7 and there are enough to last you till next year haha!
It seems that the US one has got a great sale on make up, but is a bit stingy when it comes to how many gift sets and body stuff it has in the sale. On the other hand UK website has brilliant sale on Gift sets and body stuff but hardly any make up!
P.S its all animal testing free, so its good karma points too!
* all items talked about are either on the US or UK website

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

woah what happened to angela!

Lately Angela simmons has been looking rough!!! she usually look fabulous and pretty, for example;

Rasberry's fool!

Bobbi Brown has brought out a fabulous new collection Pink raspberry!! Even the name is pretty, the range will suit any skin tone and is a must for everyone.

Would you believe that Bobbi used the same pallete for both these girls, who both have diffent skin colour and eye colour? The pallete makes anyone's face just pop and radiants natural beauty.

She used this pallete, "Pink raspberry face pallette" which is available at nordstrom for a reasonable $55.00, it includes shade only available to this pallete, Navajo and Fog Eye Shadows; Pink Raspberry Blush; and Raspberry and Blue Raspberry Lip Sheers.

Bobbi Believes that everyone is beautiful, and those flaws that most of us hate are beautiful. Her make up i believe makes everyone feel pretty inside and out!

Also in the collection are; The Pink Raspberry glitter lipgloss,

Pot rouge for lips and cheeks in Raspeberry and Pink Rasberry.

You can also watch the video on Bobbi's inspiration for this look and creating this look at