Friday, 11 January 2008

Newport Harbor

I absolutely loved Laguna Beach series 2. It had drama, giggles, bitchiness, fun and cute fashion most of the time! My favourites were Kristin, Taylor and Casey. Yes, Casey the complete Barbie trash girl, she was fun and sweet and should of had more camera time!

Now onto why i titled my post " Newport Harbor", I think Newport Harbor was a better programme in away. I think it was a little boring and lacked the spark that Laguna had, but i think the way they dressed and acted seemed a little more real and a lot less slutty that the Laguna series.

Newport Harbor showed fun, cheaper and more fashionable clothes than Laguna. The Girls were often seen in Juicy Couture, Pink by VS, AE, betsey Johnson, with a few cheaper designer accesories. The styles were also easier to recreate too.
Newport harbour the holiday series is on on wednesdays at 10:30pm on MTV


Anonymous said...

I agree, I still like Laguna more though

and btw it isn't "programme", it is program

and "in away"...I think you mean in a way
don't take it offensively, It is just a suggestion

love your blog!

couturecouture said...

In england we spell it that way
thats ok