Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Merry Christmas readers!! part1

Xmas Pressies ( part 1)
I woke up around 6:30am and my family and i opened the pressies around 7am!
here are some piccies

My fab LV scarf

My cute new juicy Velour tracksuit ( totally suprised that i got the matching bottoms!!) the 2nd pic is truest to colour

Cute paul frank tee, and a gold plated necklace by juicy couture ( its the charm one where u can add charms if un want!!)

Books, dvds, philosophy apple cider 3in1, Juicy couture make up case and BB shimmerbrick

List in total

Lv scarf


Juicy Velour hoodie

Juicy Velour Bottoms

Hairspray DVD

Laguna Beach series 2 dvd

The OC series 1 dvd

So super stylish and starry Books

Ruby Red book

BB shimmer Brick in apricot

Mac Lipglass in Prrr

Juicy Make up Case

Juicy charm necklace

Paul frank tee

Wow lots!!

Would have put the gingerbread philosophy 3in1 on the list. But when i opened it, it had already been opened and it had leaked or been used, about 1/2 an inch had been used or leaked!!. We think it was used as a tester but, be sure we will be complaing to nordstrom. They also sent the wrong shimmerbrick i was getting for my mom!!! Maybe we shall get some gift vouchers LOL!

here is a pic of the goodies in a box, im soo happy and grateful for what my parents and relations got me!

Piccies of food coming up later.........

Saturday, 22 December 2007

American Food

Im a addict to US food and drinks, sadly it costs alot if u dont live in the U.S but here is a collage of my faves and a link to of my fave stockers http://www.americansoda.co.uk/uk/American-Soda/Home/default.aspx and http://www.cybercandy.co.uk/ and http://www.americansweets.co.uk/index.asp?function=DISPLAYCAT&catid=56

here is a pic of all my favourite things and a bit of inspiration!

Bye Valentino Garavani!

Sadly this S/S was Valentino's last collection as the designer for his brand. Fortunatley, he has a hired a new designer to take over his lusted over brand!! Hopefully the new designer will bring a new look and take on his signature timeless dresses!

Here are my favourite looks

The simple touches of the mint make a simple but pretty dress amazing!

Look at the lace embelishment on the sea green dress!

These two looks remind very much of chanel !

These are perfect oscar dresses!! The Red dress would look fab on Nicole Kidman!

So here is to a new era of Valentino!

Friday, 21 December 2007

Chanel Blue satin

We all by now should know about the Chanel Black satin nail polish!! The popular nail polish sold out in all beauty counters, sold for double the price on ebay and there was a sea of black nails everywhere!!

Chanel have now released it's Sister which is out now!! from the Chanel S/S beauty collection

Here is a pic from all laquered up!! I won't be buying the polish as i am not a dark nail fan but this is a must for all fashionistas!

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Getting sucked into the hole of buying cheap stuff


Now lets all be honest, we all love a good bargain ( gosh i hate that word !) and we all love going to sales. We also often get sucked into buying things because of the cheap prices. For example, just now i fell into the trap of sales, on the vs sale online, I thought ooh look cute Henley's, cheap tops, ooh I love it. But then I thought hang on, i didn't love them as much at full price. I am loving them for the price.

This where most people go wrong when it comes to clothes, is that they buy for quantity not quality. So most of the time, they end up with a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear but if u had like half the amount but u had lots to wear that you loved. So in the end it benefits to buy less but spend more on one item.

I have to admit i was this person with nothing to wear but lots of clothes. One day i was like damn i have crap cheap clothes that i don't love and don't make me look great. So i gave most away to charity and my parents bought me some few lovely items which last and fit, they had been trying to tell me this all along but no i was the typical teen I WANT MORE AND CHEAPLY philosophy!!!!

I now have found that believe it or not that juicy hoodies have made my wardrobe worry free!! They look fab with Jeans and a tee, tunics, dresses and vests! Since the beginning of 2007 i had zero juicy hoodies i now have 4 including christmas one!

So girlie's out there, don't get suckered in!!!
For example, a cute $13.50 for a blatant primp swan copy from forever 21, but the quality and fit will definitely not compare to the real one!

Friday, 14 December 2007

Hi. I'm Elle Woods and this is Bruiser Woods. We're both Gemini vegetarians

By now, i guess you lot have figured out that Elle Woods is my idol, OK OK i am basically a brunette version ! Elle is kind, compassionate, ditsy but smart, shes confident, has fab style, cute accessories and LOVES pink like me !!!

I think she is a good role model too, as she doesn't portray being a skank or drinking and has a fab personality.

Here is my guide to Elle's style!

1.You need a signature necklace, Elle wears a Return to Tiffany heart necklace ( $275/£185)

    I wear a gold juicy necklace which is very similar as I'm allergic to silver

2. Wear Lots of pink, blues and some purples.

3. In one scene she is wearing a American Apparel Pink/Blue top. £15/$22

4. Be girlie, always have fab painted pink nails, a great perfume and lip gloss on!

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Lindsay Lohan!

Yesterday i watched one of my favourite movies, Parent trap ( 1998) and it made me kinda sad to see how Lindsay has grown up and has all these problems and yes i think its brilliant that rehab has worked but, still she isn't that girl from parent trap that we all once knew! Of course she has to grow up and be an adult but i was def not what we all expected

1998 aged 12

Lindsay aged 18 ( pics from advertisement for mean girls) She was pretty, down to earth around this time

She then went from the normal sized girl to v skinny with a presumed eating disorder

She in 2007 aged 21 got sent to rehab for drug and alcohol abuse

Lovely Mug shot for DUI

Poor Lindsay

Coming soon, so fabulous!

I've just read my favorite daily blog, Bellasugar and stumbled across the ultimate me collection of nail polish yay

CND's Plexi Pop collection was inspired by Lucite furniture from the '60s, the nail varnish has a glossy, sheer finish. Here are some cute pics, the colours remind me of elle woods from legally blonde. So any girlie girls who love elle will def benefit from these fab colours! They will be available in March and $6, Here are all of the colors in order, from left to right: Plexi Pink, Clearly Pink, Retro White, Turquoise Tint, Translucent Tangerine, and Nail Gloss.

Im soo excited about this range!

Abercrombie zombies?

Lets face it, Hollister, Abercrombie and Ae are either hated or loved by teens. They all have abilties to look cute or awful like many stores but teens across the US are becoming aberzombies ie looking like a walking abercrombie billboard!

Here are some outfits i have created, which look cute and not as billboardy!


All items can be found at ae.com and abercrombie.com ( all from the womens section

American eagle:

Friday, 7 December 2007

Christmas Pressie list

Christmas is my favourite time of year. it reminds me of all the good things in my life, and i love the food, pressies, decorations and that warm fuzzy feeling!

Here is my list:

Non Pics;

  1. Philosophy 3in1 in Gingerbread and Spiced apple cider

  2. Laguna Beach season 2 on dvd

  3. Mac Lipglass in Prr

  4. Bobbi Brown Shimmer brick in Apricot
  5. Here are the goodies!

  • Juicy Cosmetics case ( fold out with lots of pockets)

  1. Juicy Couture Velour Pants and hoody in Ziggy Pink

Juicy Tee in Snowglob pink

  • Short sand Uggs as it cold out here and i fancied some short ones instead of my other tall ones!

and last but not least my absolute favourite

This cute Louis Vuitton Scarf,

isn't it gorgeous!

Yummy, Yummy, u wish you could eat them!

Nope I'm not talking about food! I'm talking about da da dah...

PHILOSOPHY 3in1's !!! They smell so good u do really wish u could eat them.

Here are the ones i own;

Vanilla Birthday Cake, it smells so vanillary ( is that a word LOL) and it reminds me of the Mary Kate and Ashley Shampoo.

Cinnamon Buns, Smell cinnamony and warm ( so perfect for a cold winters day!)

What i hope to receive for Christmas !

Spiced apple Cider, I'm hoping this smells like real hot spiced apple as this really represents Xmas eve around the fire!!

Gingerbread mmmmmm!
These 3in1's can be used as a shower gel, Shampoo and Bubble bath. They last for ages, i bought my 1st bottle in July and used a medium size blog each time and its nearly at the end of the bottle and i use it at least 4 times ( i rotate with each bottle) !!
so definitely worth the money honey!!