Thursday, 16 October 2008

Maybelline Define a Lash

Maybelline Define -a-Lash, i bought this mascara around 2 months ago and it certainly lives up to expectations. From the tube " Separated, Sensuously long lashes, no clumps.


Pros-It lengthens my already long lashes, if your looking for a mascara that thickens lashes also, then this is not for you. This mascara has the potential to look spidery on girls with thin lashes, but good news they have a volume version out!
Cons-The brush is weird to work with, its super bendy and the brush itself is awkward to use.

girls with thick lashes, should buy this, or girls with short lashes. Its a great mascara but i probably wont be buying again!

Used worse, used better! 4 out of 5 stars though.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Weekly Post

So darling readers, i apologise for the lack of updates but i had my reason. Poor little me was sick, i know sucks right! So i cant believe i missed watching Paris fashion week on daily as i have done for the last two years, it Sucks.......

- mental note: catch up with fashion week


So Homecoming is soon, and i guess you are all wondering what the heck to wear! But that's ok, there a plenty of great dresses around.


Nordstrom has some great dresses at the moment for Homecoming which are rather cheap surprisingly. If you don't like the b.p section, you must check the online sale!

This little dress is from nordstrom and i love the outer layer skirt which is unusual -Buy Here

I also love the colour of this dress, i think i would add crystals to the middle of the bow to add a bit of uniqueness to the dress.Buy Here

Today i fell in love..... With bobbi brown's exclusive nordstrom set: Sunset Gold. This set is like the ultimate perfect gift, for christmas or even a birthday.... Although I'd dump that lipgloss its just nasty..

I forgot to say, i need this set!

Currently craving......