Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Merry Christmas readers!! part1

Xmas Pressies ( part 1)
I woke up around 6:30am and my family and i opened the pressies around 7am!
here are some piccies

My fab LV scarf

My cute new juicy Velour tracksuit ( totally suprised that i got the matching bottoms!!) the 2nd pic is truest to colour

Cute paul frank tee, and a gold plated necklace by juicy couture ( its the charm one where u can add charms if un want!!)

Books, dvds, philosophy apple cider 3in1, Juicy couture make up case and BB shimmerbrick

List in total

Lv scarf


Juicy Velour hoodie

Juicy Velour Bottoms

Hairspray DVD

Laguna Beach series 2 dvd

The OC series 1 dvd

So super stylish and starry Books

Ruby Red book

BB shimmer Brick in apricot

Mac Lipglass in Prrr

Juicy Make up Case

Juicy charm necklace

Paul frank tee

Wow lots!!

Would have put the gingerbread philosophy 3in1 on the list. But when i opened it, it had already been opened and it had leaked or been used, about 1/2 an inch had been used or leaked!!. We think it was used as a tester but, be sure we will be complaing to nordstrom. They also sent the wrong shimmerbrick i was getting for my mom!!! Maybe we shall get some gift vouchers LOL!

here is a pic of the goodies in a box, im soo happy and grateful for what my parents and relations got me!

Piccies of food coming up later.........

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Anonymous said...

The Juicy knecklace is not my style,and your layout makes me want to gag.Please change it, people would love to see it in a more classier selection of pink,and you can demonstrate Elle Woods in a style that doesnt make her look as trashy as Karl Lagerfield's Denim collection.