Friday, 7 December 2007

Yummy, Yummy, u wish you could eat them!

Nope I'm not talking about food! I'm talking about da da dah...

PHILOSOPHY 3in1's !!! They smell so good u do really wish u could eat them.

Here are the ones i own;

Vanilla Birthday Cake, it smells so vanillary ( is that a word LOL) and it reminds me of the Mary Kate and Ashley Shampoo.

Cinnamon Buns, Smell cinnamony and warm ( so perfect for a cold winters day!)

What i hope to receive for Christmas !

Spiced apple Cider, I'm hoping this smells like real hot spiced apple as this really represents Xmas eve around the fire!!

Gingerbread mmmmmm!
These 3in1's can be used as a shower gel, Shampoo and Bubble bath. They last for ages, i bought my 1st bottle in July and used a medium size blog each time and its nearly at the end of the bottle and i use it at least 4 times ( i rotate with each bottle) !!
so definitely worth the money honey!!

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