Thursday, 29 November 2007

Christmas guide to pressies for your mom's

All mom's love homemade gifts, so a scrapbook or a photocollage put into a frame, or even the family videos put onto a dvd ( this gift is for dads too!). If you have a low budget, i suggest some cute pj's or slippers from victoria secret, for under $30 i love these by mac, Curiousitease 5 mini Plushglasses in either warm or cool skin toned.

Warm(1st pic) Cool (2nd pic)

( both can be bought at mac online or at nordstrom!)

or this by philosophy (at nordstrom) philosophy's cookie exchange set includes three mouthwatering cookie-flavored 3in1's ( shampoo, bubblebath and showergel! i love these) in coconut macaroon, double chocolate chip and spiced cookie $30

any thing from philosophys sets or 3in1s will be much loved by moms who love pampering!
Higher budgets;
Here are a few ideas but with a higher budget it should be easier ( look on the nordstrom and neiman marcus gift guides which gives price ranges and ideas)
Ugg Slippers, tiffany jewellery ( make sure u know what jewellery ur mom likes!) u could put together a make up case full of your moms favourite brand.
Dads and brothers and sisters following in the next few days!

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