Friday, 14 December 2007

Hi. I'm Elle Woods and this is Bruiser Woods. We're both Gemini vegetarians

By now, i guess you lot have figured out that Elle Woods is my idol, OK OK i am basically a brunette version ! Elle is kind, compassionate, ditsy but smart, shes confident, has fab style, cute accessories and LOVES pink like me !!!

I think she is a good role model too, as she doesn't portray being a skank or drinking and has a fab personality.

Here is my guide to Elle's style!

1.You need a signature necklace, Elle wears a Return to Tiffany heart necklace ( $275/£185)

    I wear a gold juicy necklace which is very similar as I'm allergic to silver

2. Wear Lots of pink, blues and some purples.

3. In one scene she is wearing a American Apparel Pink/Blue top. £15/$22

4. Be girlie, always have fab painted pink nails, a great perfume and lip gloss on!

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