Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Rasberry's fool!

Bobbi Brown has brought out a fabulous new collection Pink raspberry!! Even the name is pretty, the range will suit any skin tone and is a must for everyone.

Would you believe that Bobbi used the same pallete for both these girls, who both have diffent skin colour and eye colour? The pallete makes anyone's face just pop and radiants natural beauty.

She used this pallete, "Pink raspberry face pallette" which is available at nordstrom for a reasonable $55.00, it includes shade only available to this pallete, Navajo and Fog Eye Shadows; Pink Raspberry Blush; and Raspberry and Blue Raspberry Lip Sheers.

Bobbi Believes that everyone is beautiful, and those flaws that most of us hate are beautiful. Her make up i believe makes everyone feel pretty inside and out!

Also in the collection are; The Pink Raspberry glitter lipgloss,

Pot rouge for lips and cheeks in Raspeberry and Pink Rasberry.

You can also watch the video on Bobbi's inspiration for this look and creating this look at

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