Friday, 4 January 2008

Body shop sale!

Like most stores around Xmas and new year, The body shop have a sale. The sale's are always up to 50% off so you can stock up for the year and not have to pay ridiculous prices for body butter and shower gel!!!
The body butters come in different scents with tbs bringing out limited edition Christmas flavours which your guaranteed to find a scent you will love. My favourites are the Vanilla spice and cranberry. The butters always last for ages, and are a bit greasy but moisturise well.
Here are my fave buys for UK and US

Vanilla spice is now only $5 ( sold out in the UK sorry!)
Blueberry is now only $14 or £6
Another great option is their gift boxes!

Shower gels set is only $5 or £7 and there are enough to last you till next year haha!
It seems that the US one has got a great sale on make up, but is a bit stingy when it comes to how many gift sets and body stuff it has in the sale. On the other hand UK website has brilliant sale on Gift sets and body stuff but hardly any make up!
P.S its all animal testing free, so its good karma points too!
* all items talked about are either on the US or UK website

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