Saturday, 12 January 2008

LOST !! its time to have a party

" what comes before part b?" PART A!! ( if u don't get the joke say it out allowed lol!)

Guess whats coming soon, LOST!! yay. US people its coming to you 31st Jan and UK people 3rd Feb.
LOST is the best TV programme ever, and has had me hooked since season 1. Each year my friends and I have a LOST party. I invite all my LOST obsessed friends and we watch the 1st episode of the season together and have lost themed food and decorations!!

Time to start planning now i think!

Here are some fun things to do

  1. Make invites that are oceanic boarding passes, easy to do on the computer or by hand!

  2. Print of Apollo labels and stick them on chocolate bars!

  3. Make cookies in the shape of Fish ( sawyer's fish biscuits!)

  4. if your really making it a big party, get people to dress up as the characters

  5. Print of the dharma logo's and stick them on food and drinks.

  6. If you want to be really savvy, draw a Dharma logo on some butcher paper and attach it to your door, so it looks like you are entering the hatch.

I'm going to be doing, make your own sundaes and nachos too!!!

So start planning LOST fans!!

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