Thursday, 10 January 2008

J.crew and you!

I know you U.S gals are all obsessed at the moment over gossip girl and love Serena and Blair or even jenny!
I haven’t seen the programme yet, as it not come over in my country yet! GASP!! I know it's so annoying. But from what I can tell, they all have a j.crew kind of wardrobe and its all preppy but with fashion twist. So from what I have seen or heard about it, here is an outfit that I think is wearable and in a gossip gal style!

All 4 items are pretty and very versatile.
The coat is such a classic and reminds of Breakfast at tiffany’s
The Skirt is pretty and reminds me of strawberry fields!
The Mustard coloured top adds a bit of contrast and makes it all go together
And last but definitely not least, those gorgeous Mary Jane’s!

And if you definitely what the Blair look, add a hairband!

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