Friday, 4 January 2008


Apparently we only wear 20% of your wardrobe, 80% of the time! well i know i do, i have some fave items that i wear all the time or have in many diffrent colours.

  1. Plain straight cut jeans in a dark blue wash
  2. Topshop vests/tanks in blues, pinks, and classic colours like black,grey and white.
  3. Juicy!!!!! i have soo many velour or terry pants and hoodies and i know its OMG moment but i wear them all the time haha
  4. Juicy Necklace
  5. Primp tops, so cute and has a kiddie style but with a grown up vibe!
  6. Delias logo tees, i have so many and they have such cute phrases or pics!
  7. Crewneck cardi's in black and pink!
  8. Bally Boots shared with my mom!
  9. UGGS!!!! shameless but oh so comfy.
  10. Ballet pumps in red,pink, black and gold

The rest of my 80% are pretty dresses, skirts, dressy tops and heels!!

Shamelessly stolen from ( fabulous blog, quick click on it!! you will love it !)

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Flora said...

Those numbers seem very right-on.