Sunday, 27 January 2008

Lazin it up!

Hey Guys, havent been blogging for a week as ive been snowed under with homework Boo!!! I have also lost my blogging mojo! but thanks to my readers for clicking on my ads! Trying to get a bit more money to go towards my Louis Vuitton fund Woohoo!

Anyway on to my topic, i don't know about you but as soon as i come home from school, i rush straight into my sweats !! All fashion goes out the window, while im doing homework or lazing about at home. But you dont have to look like a complete fashion Uh uh! For comfy yet stylish, look at juicy couture or for more affordable prices go to Victoria Secret!! Try to match the colours or with contrasting colors for a cuter look. There's no excuse to looking bad when being comfy!

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