Monday, 25 February 2008

Oscar's make up!

I loved this years Oscar's hair and make up! It was simple yet classy, it was all really the same, channelling the same trends but each celeb pulled it off fabulously but hey i think anyone with that kind of team would!

Jessica alba's make up was easily my favourite, creating a smokey eye with bronzes. It was neutral with a glow and simply fab.

I also love Jennifer hudson's smokey silver eyeshadow with a warm natural coloured lipstick. It makes her eyes pop and her skin glow!

Yawn, I feel like i've seen this before! The sheer red berry lip and minimal eyes was nothing special
Loved this look on Katherine, the bronzed skin with an orangey red lip with simple eyes was very old hollywood and glam.!

I really hated this look, it was all too much! The blusher made her look like she was embarrassed and it was too much with the smokey eye and lipstick

And that ends the Oscar's with a bang! Can't wait till next year!

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