Thursday, 14 February 2008

Lickable ads!

Eurgh or Yum? thats the deciding question.

In the Febuary 18th of people magazine, there is a new and wierd advert, for Welch's grape juice. Its a lickable flavour stick! They work like the dissolvable mint strips, you stick the strip on your tongue and you will get a taste of welch's grape juice. You will also be able to tell if your strip has been open so there are no hygiene risks lol!

It sounds pretty yummy to me, but i can imagine it tasting of perfume as those perfume ad's often have those wet strips that you apply. I dont get why they dont do a sachet of it in the magazine instead!

Would you try it?


Anonymous said...

what magazine is this in?

couture gal said...

hey anonymous! dont be scared lol its people magazine, sorry i thought i had put that ! its edited now so thanks