Monday, 11 February 2008

Heatherette + Mac=?

A fabulous Mac collection which i will be snapping up!

Isn't the packaging darling! I love the bubblegum pink mixed with the holographic logo! its so fun, so pretty and what the Barbie collection should have been!

I'm loving the starlet kiss, 3rd from left! it looks like a cute shimmery natural lipglass with a pop of pink similar to Stila Pussycat dolls lipglaze in peppermint which is my favourite lipgloss of all time !
here are the shade names! Love the lipsticks but im not really a lipstick gal! lovin lollipop loving!Beauty Powders! Not my kind of thing but looks pretty lol

eyeshadow compacts, so cute yet, so sad that those colours wont suit me! so sad!and last but not least Pigments!
i definatley will be scooping up a few goodies ( pics courtesy of nessasarymakeup)

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Serena said...

i got SO excited when i saw the words heatherette&MAC together but then got completely dissapointed when i saw the pictures. i thought the products would be totally cute and original but alll i saw was pink and glitter, totally unoriginal.

good job on your blog!