Friday, 1 February 2008

CG Lashblast!

Thanks to a review on makeup bag teen corner, i picked up the Covergirl Lashblast on a whim on ebay! And by golly its the best ever whim i've bought! It lengthens and thickens my already long and thick lashes and gives a fabulous fake lashes natural look!! The brush is thicker than most and the plastic bristles are a squidgy plastic which makes it easier to use and clean! I also love that it comes with a little lid for the tube so it will last longer!
It doesnt clump or make the lashes look spidery which happens with most mascara's on me as i have really long lashes.
I will post a before and after pic over the weekend i have some homework to catch up on! Geography, history, english and chem!! argh shouldnt take that long as ill do most of it tonight lols!

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