Monday, 17 March 2008

Watercolour LV

First of all, Happy St Patrick Day!

LV's watercolour line is due out soon ! its such a unusual take on the logo and its such a pretty bag!

*pictures taken from purseforums.

Sadly its $1,185 price tag doesnt stretch to a teens budget!! Tho i do hope for a LV for my birthday which is in may! The Vanchetta watercolours are coming out in May and the exotic's are out tomorrow! If you cant afford the price tag, LV have a super cute bandeau with the print on it!

Also i'm glad to see that the MC alma is being recognised by a celeb once again! I've got the white version which i bought with some money that i inherited. Its such a pretty shaped bag and comes in many diffrent lines!

Couture gal xxx

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