Thursday, 13 March 2008

Live like a mermaid!

In Istanbul in 2010, they are opening this amazing hotel! I think it would be like living as a mermaid! This isn’t the first such underwater hotel complex in the world! That honor goes to the $500 million Poseidon Hotel which is currently being built off Fiji. The Istanbul hotel differs in that it is being built under the city center, which should make for an interesting experience.


Anyway keeping with the blue theme here are some fab blue make up!

"Showertogether" This nail varnish is from the ecocollection pack from china glaze. Its the perfect swimming pool blue. It is now available in salons and online now and comes with 3 other colours ( pic courtesy of

This minty lipgloss is blue in the tube but comes out a shimmery clear colour with a slight blue tint! It freshens your breath and blue tone makes your teeth appear whiter! Benefit $16 ( also available in the UK and other countries that stock benefit!)

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