Saturday, 29 March 2008

Bath time bubbles

I'm a huge fan of philosophy 3in1's and use them daily. In the shower, in the bath and sometimes on my hair! They last for ages and smell great! They may cost $16 bucks a pop but they last for ages! I still have half a bottle of hot chocolate 3in1 from Christmas! I have tried 5 now!

Vanilla Birthday Cake: Smells really like vanilla without that typical cheap drugstore kind of smell. It really reminds me of the Mary Kate and Ashley Shampoo which was in fact the same consistency and colour.

Cinnamon Buns: It doesn't smell of typical cinnamon buns, more like cinnamon gum. Its the perfect treat in winter to warm you up. Its a great addition to your bath time.

Hot apple cider: This doesn't smell as appley as i thought it would, i was looking for a real hot apple cider smell but it got more of a winter spice smell which was rather disappointing but it still smelt great! Warning though it is bright orange!

Gingerbread man: This was totally not what i was expecting! i wanted gingerbread smells and got lemon coco cola smell! It has a completely different consistency to the others and is a browny clear liquid which much runnier than the other. It turned out to be my favourite smell, but made me crave coke first thing in the morning!

Hot cocoa: This is my second fave! It smells just like chocolate! Its a dark brown colour which may make you go brown in the shower but it washes off when you rinse.

The only thing disappointing about philosophy 3in1's is that the smells doesn't hang around! To solve this they should make matching body sprays!

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