Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Chanel chanel! my first bit of chanel!

Ever so often, Couture gal adds a piece of designer item to her wardrobe. Over the last year or so, my passion for fashion has really grown and so with it so has my lust for designer stuff has increased! Over this past year,i've bought bought a Louis Vuitton Alma in multicolour, Dior glossys for birthday, Louis vuitton bandeau and loads of juicy couture items( i don't know if you count juicy as designer) and now Chanel vintage clipons from the 70's have become part of my new collection! They are rather massive but ever so darling. I do love designer items but just as much as ordinary items and i only buy stuff if im love with them.

Here is a pic of one of the chanel earrings next to a Nintendo ds game!


jenn said...

Pink_Swish? They look fabulous, hope you enjoy them!

couture gal said...

Yup its Pink_Swish. They arrived this morning! I LOVE THEM! I'll keep the safe in the box you sent me as i dont really have anywhere safe to keep earrings !!

T said...

very lovely