Friday, 14 March 2008

Is it the end of it bags?

During the last couple of weeks, there has been a few articles complaing about the "it" bags and they are on their way out. Is it sadly the death of the new it bags each season, worn by the celebs? Well i hope not!

"it" Bags have become a part of fashion, they are what people strive to get. Endless waiting lists, fighting or bartering over bags is the whole point of the "it" bag. The way people stop and stare at the pretty bag, the evil glares and the tuts of the amount spent.

The "it" trend is what made the balenciaga city bags a must have, the Multicolour LV's, the fendi B bags, the YSL downtown bag. With their crazy price tags and the limited stock, its no wonder the celebs are carrying them!

With not many of us being able to afford the bag, i think thats what makes it fun! I do hope "it" bags are here to stay!

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