Friday, 21 March 2008

Lipbalm Charm!

After many attempts at finding the perfect lip balm, i think i have found it ! I've probably tried over 2 dozen different balms in my lifetime, as i used to be addict to finding the perfect scent!

It all started with a little mermaid lip balm when i was little, it looked like this tube but with yellow plastic and a different pic of Ariel! It was a garish bright red lip balm and i think it was strawberry flavoured but one day i snapped the actual lip balm in half! I don't remember if it was a good moisturiser but it certainly brings back memories!

Lancome sweet balm was a total waste of money! It cost £13 and left a horrid white non blendable colour on my lips. The smell was sickly and was just plain gross. It didn't moisturise at all and in fact made them worse! Nivea Pearl and Shine Lip balm,I loved this when i was 9 as i thought i was SO cool wearing "lipstick"! it gives a nice frosting but light look to the lips and its quite moisturising.

TBS Born Lippy -This lip balm is very sticky and gloopy! Definitely don't buy! it also leaves a weird tint ! Ive tried the passion berry and orange and i ended up with either purple or orange lips YUK!

Now onto the best!

Carmex is a little pot of moisturising menthol heaven! It smells great, its very minty menthol like those cold oil things you put on pillows! It numbs your lips if you put enough on ha ha. It really moisturises and i have a little pots in each bag !


Dylan♥ said...

I am the exact same with lip balm and lip gloss! I also have a bad luck with losing miine =) I just lost 2 of my lip glosses and 2 of my lip balms, and my mom said she won't buy me anymore for a while lol. I still ahve more though! I love your blog!!!

couture gal said...

aww thanks!!