Thursday, 17 April 2008

My white tee is just too cool for you.

A white V neck tee should be a staple in everyone's wardrobe, it doesn't have to look sloppy or casual and it can transform into anything you want, except a treasure chest! leave that to the pirates to find.

T-shirts originate from Ancient Egyptian Times as part of their everyday clothes, and it wasnt until US soldiers in Europe during the World War 1 were rather taken with the light cotton undershirts the European soldiers wore under their garments that they started to become a top not underwear. I believe it was James Dean who made the T shirt and jeans combo very popular.

This outfit i made, could be worn by anyone and reminds me very much of blair outfit from gossip girl. Its perfect for going out to lunch.
This outfit could be worn to the park or on a day out shopping.

While i'm not going to argue with another blogger, i totally disagree with this post from Miss Couturable (

She states that " Thus, I'm against the addition of t-shirts to our dress code. I enjoy the creative ways that our student body has learned to work around the no-tees rule, and I feel that the rigorous academic ambiance is reduced when one is wearing a band tee instead of a cashmere v-neck sweater ".

T shirts are a basic staple in my wardrobe and i have many, printed, plain, long sleeved and Short sleeved. They can be dressed down and also up, infact a band tee could easily replace the white v neck i used in the outfits i made. I must give her claps for not wearing t shirts for over 3 years.

Couture gal xxx


Molly :] said...

I must have at least 20 simple t-shirts, all of which i wear on a daily basis. :)

And im really sorry i havent got round to linking you yet- as i said in a previous post my computer has been broken for a while and i havent got round to adding all links/ commenting back everyone etc. So im really sorry, im linking you right away! :) xx

Fashion Addict said...

I don't agree with Miss Couturable either, but I'm not going to argue with her about it. I'm more of a simple dresser so I'm fine with t-shirts too! nice post!

la petite fashionista said...

i have to agree with you, I commented on that post as well. I love my jeans, tees, & sundresses & I really don't think how I dress has anything to do with my intelligence level! :)kudos for standing up for tees!


Andy said...

I agree with you.. i love white simple tees.. it can look gorgeous and simply amazing.