Thursday, 10 April 2008

John Frieda Luminous Colour Glaze in Dark Brunette

As its coming up to spring, my hair needs a boost and what better I thought than “ John Frieda Luminous Colour glaze”. It claims to reawaken lacklustre brunette hair with shine boosters and mild dye!

Hair: Normal with a tendency to be greasy after 2 days of not washing, can be knotty and has a slight wave to hair. Hair has lots of volume I'll be using the same products, My herbal essence coconut shampoo and conditioner and the glaze.
Wash 1: Hair is feeling way softer and is easier to brush, seems a bit shiner and hair is slightly lighter!

wash 2: Hair is lighter! only by a tiny incy bit but def lighter! It also is shinier than before! Wash 3 is apparently when you are meant to see significant shine and hair boost!
Wash3: Hair is much lighter and softer. It hasnt improved my shine at all but im liking the affects of the glaze!

Wash4: No Pics as i ran out of batteries! No change from 3rd wash also

Wash 5: As you can see it has lightened a tiny bit after the 3rd wash, no massive change since 3rd wash.

I ran out after the 6th Wash and it didn't seem to change afterwards so wash 5 is as far as the glaze will work.

Pros: Lighter, softer hair. Cheap price of £7.
Cons: Messy to use, lost a lot of product because it fell out of the hair! Didn't improve shine.

I would buy this again!

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