Wednesday, 30 April 2008


Sorry for the lack of updates ! I'm a bit busy after setting up another blog! ! I do hope it will become more popular than this one as i've only been having 30 hits a day on average which is crap! anyway i love my readers i just want to make a better blog!

anyway i'm a sucker for mini or travel size make up or hair things! and here the top 3 mini things i want to try!

Cargo 30 day supply of lipgloss! How handy would these little bubbles of lipgloss be! I'd have the 30 day supply stashed in my bag for any day that i forget to put on or bring lipgloss!

Cargo Colourcards: eyeshadow: portable eye shadows!. Each of these single-use eye shadows is embossed onto super flat cards that are perfect for gals on the go. Each eyeshadow slips on easily with a fingertip or brush as a sheer shimmering color wash for the lids! it comes in a pack of 28!

Jonathan Pocket Redo Freshen-Up Wipes :These little packs of hair goodness freshen up hair, getting rid of smokey smells and greasy hair!

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