Friday, 25 April 2008

Birthday Wishlist

Its my birthday on the 8th of May and if my mom and dad are reading, which they are most likely to, wink wink, here is my ultimate list to celebrate my birthday. Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 ( available at ) This is no ordinary bag, its a classic, and something I will be able to use forever and of very high quality, trust me it will last through the years. This style Louis Vuitton has been made for years and is timeless. Pretty Please, this is the most fabulous bag and i know its expensive at £345 ( price increase last week, damn LV and their price increases) but remember i'll love it forever.

I did think about asking for a ipod or a TV but then i realised, that will diminish in price very soon and it will be busted in 2 year's time unlike the speedy.

Will and Grace season 1, without a shadow of doubt, will and grace is my favourite show and with it not being aired so much after sadly finishing. It never without fail makes me laugh and you can watch it over and over again.

Blueberry Mask from Urban Outfitters, mmm this sounds soo good! it will make my skin clearer, glowy and smell great! sounds like the perfect mask!

These Urban Outfitter tees
are simple basics which will look great in summer. The sunglasses are in the sale for £5!

Then as its coming up to summer, i need some summer make up! Mac- Honey lust eyeshadow, Underage Lipglass, nailvarnish topcoat. Clinique Almost makeup powder to go with my tinted moisturiser which is spf15!
If you buy these from nordies you will save a massive £20!!!

This is a my ultimate list so this will give you ideas for the clueless grannies and aunts which always ask you what i want! This is handy before i ended up with an ugly sheepskin hat ( i don't do hats!), wooden dinosaur puzzles and my sis ended up with a used ugly leather satchel which my grandma had in her closet for like 20 years!


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