Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Its hard being a blogger when...

...You have two kittens always stealing your computer chair for a nap. They must think " gee Couture gal is about to blog, lets go and have a nap on her chair". Its rather annoying to say the least but you cant help but love them !
They are both siamese, the girl is the Lilac colour, her name is Yasmine and the boy is Seal point colour (the chocolate colour)he's called Jasper! Jasper has a obsession with pink things. He loves pink cat toys and my sister's Juicy Couture Scarf which he runs off with and chews! Which is highly annoying


P.S is it sad to buy this set for the train case lol!? its $38


fashion addict girl said...

love, love, love your blog. it's creative and all the posts are fun to read. i was wondering if you might want to exchange blog links with me?

couture gal said...

yup sure! i like the writing on your blog but the template and layout could do with some fiddling and you need way more pics and try and do a banner! polyvore or paint or paintshop are great for that!