Monday, 7 April 2008

The ultimate Accessory

A Starbucks takeaway cup, I'll take a cinnamon dolce latte to go! Starbucks makes the most yummiest coffee which simply can't be replaced by homemade coffee. Whilst sitting on those squishy maroon couches and reading the latest teen vogue while sipping my hot latte or taking that frappuccino to go.
The Olsen's are the queens of Starbucks, i mean they must drink hundreds a year, they should definitely do a endorsement with them, i mean they must be their best celebrity customer along with britney who's pics wont be on this post as her pics of her with starbucks are too awful!. The Olsens twins create the effortless hobo chick look, so fabulously, with their balenciaga bag nestled under their arm and clutching their favourite,Venti Soy chai tea
OK, admittedly as dorky as this sounds, I wish i was old enough to drive, as i think i would hop in that car each day, rushing for my Starbucks fix! I love everything about Starbucks, i love the smell, the comfy couches, the ice cold fraps or the hot lattes. I love how its the perfect refresher during shopping and it seems like the celebs agree too.

Couture gal xxx


Secretista said...

LOL, I wonder if these celebrities ahve secret endorsements. It hasn't made me want to buy more starbucks, or go to strbucks at all, but I'm sure there are those few that it has effected!

Molly :] said...

Us bloggers do love our starbucks.
Thanks for linking, i'll link you too! :) x

couture gal said...

Thanks! I love starbucks so much, its almost sad!