Monday, 29 September 2008

Hey hey!

So this week i hope to buy some crystals ( light pink) to crystallize my ipod nano. Its going to look so good, i don't really like my silver colour so I'm going to liven it up a bit with baby pink crystals. It's a pain in the butt but it is so worth it in the end! i promise I'll post pics.

I'm loving O.P.I's Louvre Me Louvre Me Not, it is a fun pop of juicy grape color. It seems a fun winter colour! I am loving dark colours at the moment, a must have is Russian Navy by opi! pic courtesy of alllacqueredup

I also really want Mac's Naked Lunch eyeshadow! its such a cute neutral and could be worn in the day or spiced up at night! also its Selena Gomez's fave!

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Anonymous. said...

Thats true.
I love neutral eyeshadows, makes it soo chic btu also discreet at hte same time.

I'm erally diggin the purple. I rarely go for dark colros
( i'm obsessed with pop-py colros like hot pink or canary yellow) but this is soemthign to def try.!