Saturday, 20 September 2008

Love's like a runway!

Ok i couldnt resist it, i've come back! Expect weekly updates.!

I felt bad for you readers who check everyday, and i did miss it but i have another blog which is doing not as well boo! you might wanna check it out,

So i thought i might as well start off with fashion week! my favourite show so far has been DKNY!

Jeez look how skinny chanel iman has gotten, her knees arw wider than her thighs! Something needs to be done about this idustry's look.

Onto my next subject!

How fabulous is ANTM this season, im loving these girls look this year, not so sure about isis!! I cant wait for gossip girl to start over in the UK! nor the new season of the hills!

I tell you who's style i have been loving....

Selena Gomez!!

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keira antoia rose said...

I really like Selena's dress even though I don't usually look to her for style inspiration. DKNY had a great show.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo